Saturday, August 9, 2008

Missing My Friends

Well, it's only been a week...and I'm SO missing my friends!! A little background info, I've been working for the last few months with 2 great friends, but August 1st was their last day...and I'm totally left ALL alone!! Well, not all alone, but it's sure different without Jess and Marie not there!! I miss my working baller on Main East!!! Jess, you made working on the ortho floor SO much fun!! I have to say that I was NOT gonna work there 5 days a week, until I started working with you, and now that you're gone...I don't know how I'm gonna survive!! We are still trying to recruit someone as worthy as you for the Dream Team...but to be honest...I don't think that there is one!! Although, we have a couple of imposters trying to work their way in there;) And Marie, I know that you didn't really enjoy your time there as a student...but I loved having you around! You are free to come over and spend time with us any time!! My kiddos miss their Auntie Marie;) Anyway, here are some pics of my awesome, long gone co-workers!!

Ah kept work fun:)

The Dream Team!!

...and bench:) Poor Howard!!

Oh yeah...August 1st was the last day on Main East for Marilyn too...the funniest discharge planner. So I was triple slammed that Monday!! Although, Marilyn is still working in the hospital, just on another floor.

And then, there was Marie:( I'm so glad that I got to know you while you were interning here!! And to think that we went to the same school, and I barely knew you!! I loved having you here, and I'm glad that I was able to help you out a bit through "the rough times." I hope that your time here didn't scar you so much that you won't come back to visit!! You are always welcome at my home!!

Marie and two friends...who left me with the likes of a pug!!

Ah, we had some great times together!!

I will truly miss you guys. I hope you keep in touch!!

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