Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Party Never Ends at SM!!

In case you guys didn't get enough of ScrapMatters this past iNSD...get ready for more excitement, challenges, prizes, chats and fun!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Because of continued issues with the ScrapMatter's site (it must be because their designers are SO AWESOME!!) they have decided to extend their iNSD sale through Thursday May 6th!! Take advantage of these awesome prices because after Thursday, they go back:(
Have a great week and Happy Scrapping!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

This Just In...

Due to some issues with the ScrapMatter's site over the weekend, they're extending our 40% off personal use, and 30% off Commerical Use sale through Monday, May 3rd.
And as planned, the sale will continue through the rest of the week at 30% Personal Use, 20% Commerical Use Tues thru Thur 5/4 - 5/6!
Take advantage of this extended sale to grab those goodies that you weren't able to grab this weekend!! Happy Scrapping!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy {Inter} National Scrapbooking Day from ScrapMatters!!!

Hi all!!

Welcome to your next stop on the ScrapMatters [inter]National Scrapbooking Day blog train. This train has stops ALL OVER THE WORLD and is absolutely HUGE!!! You have probably just come from the Krista's blog. That's the stop before this one. And now you've arrived in beautiful Northern British Columbia!

Our NSD mega-collab at SM this weekend is called "Moments that Matter" and the whole theme of our celebration is all about those moments in our lives that really matter. At each stop you'll find a story about a Moment that Matters along with a freebie!! There are TONS of stops on this blog train, so you can pick up a LOT of goodies!!
So the 'moment that matters' I've chosen to share is with you. . . the birth of my first child!
My first pregnancy was a dream pregnancy. I was never sick, I barely gained any weight (I actually was able to wear my normal wardrobe throughout my entire prenancy!), and I didn't have any crazy cravings...I all hate me! But really, I had a wonderful pregnancy.
So throughout my dream pregnancy my doctor never once had any worries with me or my child, medically. That is until a week and a half before it (and I say it, because we chose not to find out the gender) was born. At that time I went for one of my very last weekly checkups. My doctor was a little worried because I had a large weight fluctuation between the two weeks (I honestly thought that the doctor's scale was a little off the week before, but they didn't believe me). So it sent them in a little bit of a tizzy...and my doctor then decided to mention that he was a little worried that I wasn't very big. Not the coolest thing to say to someone who is 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. So anyway, he sent me off for an emergency ultrasound.
I spent 5 hours in that ultrasound office, with the nurses speaking in hushed tones...then sending me off for fetal stress tests, then bringing me back to recheck...and calling the doctor in and speaking in more hushed tones. What the doctor finally told me was that he was worried that he thought that one of my baby's arteries in the heart was closing prematurely....which meant that my baby could go in to heart failure. I needed to get that baby out as soon as possible. I asked the doctor if my baby would be okay once it was delivered and all he could tell me was "I can't say for sure." SERIOUSLY?! After a dream pregnancy...a week and a half left and this doctor tells me that my baby may go in to heart failure, so I need to be induced, and he isn't sure whether or not it will help?!
So needless to say, I start panicking and majorly stressing. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this was the day before Thanksgiving...and he wanted me to deliver in a bigger hospital that had a NICU, in case something did go wrong with my baby's heart. So that meant that my regular OB wouldn't be able to deliver hospital, new doctor, emergency induction, possible heart failure...this was all wrong!!
Well, after a few hours of labour, one well placed epidural and hours of stressing...I had delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl...with absolutely NO heart problems!! It was the most amazing and stressful moment in my life...but I will never forget when they placed her in my arms and said that she was perfectly healthy.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing one of my moments that matter. Here is your freebie you've patiently waited for!! Click image to download...
This link will be active until midnight Thursday night 5/6. Then all these blog train goodies are getting gathered up and put into the store!
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