Thursday, August 5, 2010

SM 3rd Birthday Blog Train

Hey Everyone!!

First let me say Happy Birthday SM!! I have had the wonderful priviledge of being a part of the SM CT for a while...and I love it, I consider it part of my digital family.
I hope everyone has been enjoying all the wonderful freebies that the CT and designers have created for you all!!

You should have found your way here from Amy's Blog. If for some reason, you get lost along the way, or found your way here without following the train, you can start over at ScrapMatter's Blog.

Your next stop should be Trixie Scraps' Blog.

I have a few memorable birthdays that I want to share with you all. When I was growing up, my Grandma always made these amazing birthday cakes. I mean, these are ones that you would pay good money for at a bakery...but my favorites were always her Black Forest Cakes. I would look forward to my birthday every year just for her cakes. I have been priviledged enough to have been taught by my Grandma how to bake her special Black Forest Cakes, and it was my honour this year with my younger sister, Erika, to surprise her on her birthday (the first one that I have been here for in 15 years) with her own Black Forest Cake.

My family has a birthday runs from the middle of April through the end of May. During that time we have 9 birthdays in just 5 weeks. I have totally missed out on our birthday season during the 15 years that I was living in the States, but now that I'm back home in Canada...this year I was in heaven. It gets a little hectic, planning that many birthdays, but I loved it. I made a LO of all the birthdays we celebrated this year...

The other birthday that I want to share with you is my last birthday, which I celebrated in May. This is the first one in 15 years that I have been able to celebrate with my immediate family, it really meant a lot to me to have everyone that loved me and that has helped me through some really tough personal times there with me this year. And just knowing that this is the first one of a lot to come makes it even better!! I love my family so much, and I'm so glad that I am home with them again!

So now on to what you have all been waiting freebie!! I hope you enjoy these cluster frames that I have made for you all. Just click on the preview to download!!
***ETA: This download is no longer available. Please check out ScrapMatters for the add on to the Cupcakes & Candles kit for all the blog train freebies!!***

Enjoy the rest of the train, and have a wonderful time during this amazing week at ScrapMatters!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just wanted to quickly pop in here and mention a couple things that are going on at ScrapMatters.
First of all...I'm hosting a Speed if speed is your vice, check out the ad below.

And for playing will get this fabulous Participation Prize!! Isn't is awesome?!

Also...ScrapMatters is turning 3 next week!!!!! So you have to make sure that you check it out...we will be having games, chats, speed scraps and sales all week long!! Make sure you're there for some fabulous fun and prizes!!