Sunday, April 27, 2008

Might as Well

Well, it seems like everyone else is doing why not me? Yes, it's true, I probably would jump off a bridge if all my friends did it. Actually, I'm just reflecting on my upcoming 30th birthday next month, and I realized that I haven't told my story. I mean, "I" know my story, at least I remember the big important parts...but it's the little daily things that seem to slip away. And those are the things that I most desperately want to remember...the way my oldest daughter, Pumpkin loves to sing, and truly does make every song her own...the way my son, Monkey, is this sweet little soul wrapped up in a non-stop ball of energy, the way my youngest daughter, Sweet Pea, crawls in to my bed every night around 3:00am with a smile, a hug and a kiss, how excited I get when I hear Mike's keys in the door after he's been away for a couple days, and just about every other little detail of my day to day life that otherwise I would forget by the time I turn 31. My DH, Mike, keeps telling me that I need to write things down because I have a terrible here I am!! And there's also this standing argument between Mike and I about things that were done or said between now I'll have written proof!! :)

So, what is it today that I want to remember? Well, I just finished taking the biggest, most important exams of my life!! I graduated with a Master's of Physical Therapy in January...which only means that I finished all the academic requirements. Unfortunately, I can't actually work as a PT until I pass the National Board Licensing Exam...and is as terrible as it sounds!! I'm talking a 5 hour multiple choice exam on everything that you've learned over 2 1/2 years in school...and to top it off, another 1 hour long MC exam on the laws and regulations of CA. It was nervewracking and LONG!!! I was totally freaking out the day before because I felt like I didn't remember anything...and now, I have to wait...yes, there is no automatic gratification or have to wait for the results. Hopefully it'll only take a week or so, but still, I was really looking forward to just knowing one way or the other. So, until next week I'll be this nervous, anxious wreck of a mother/wife. So keep your fingers crossed!

Just yesterday Sweet Pea said the sweetest thing to me!! I just have to share it with everyone!!
Sweet Pea: Mommy...are you my mommy?
Me: Yes.
Sweet Pea: me your sweet pea?

Isn't that just the cutest little thing? She just melts my heart!! Anyway, enough rambling for my first post...I've probably bored everyone to the point where they don't ever want to come back! I have to say before I sign off today, for people who don't know me too well...I am a scrapbooker at heart. I love taking pictures and I love the little stories of our day to day life, so it was just natural that I would love scrapbooking. I am fortunate to be a part of several creative teams and I have to mention them here:
So without further ado...I'll post a few scrapbook LO's that I've done recently.

This is one that I had to do about a daily ritual that Sweet Pea used to do with me....unfortunately, it doesn't happen that often anymore...which is why I'm SO glad that I was able to scrap it and remember it forever!!

Here are the credits for this LO:

Papers & Word Art- Paislee Press (oscraps) Happy As a Lark

Alpha - Zoe Pearn (scrapartist) Fuzzy Knitted Alpha

Frames - Katie Pertiet (designerdigitals)
Brush - Obsidian Dawn

Font - Century Gothic

This second one is of a series of snapshots...that I took (sidenote: the majority of the picture that include me are taken by me...yes I've become a pro at holding the camera out in front of me with my hand contorted just to say that "Yes! I really was here!!". Anyway, it's a series of pictures of how Sweet Pea gives me "Eskimo Kisses".

Here are the credits for this LO:

Papers - TaylorMade Designs & Paislee Press (oscraps) B-Side Collab Kit (recoloured)

Brush & Fabric Template - Leiko Beck Designs (

Tag - Katie Pertiet (designerdigitals) Tailed Frames (altered)

Design Inspiration from Kellie Mize's (designerdigitals) Tortuga Template #85

And lastly, a LO of Monkey. I just love this picture of him...his sweet little smile, the tilt of his head...this is so him!! I LOVE how this turned out. If you like it too...and would like to get the same effect, check out the credits for how to!!

Here are the credits for this LO:

Paper - Touch Of Grey Paper Pack - Slate

Word Art Overlay - Fading Emotions Vol2 - Spirit

Heart Brush - From The Heart Brush

All from TaylorMade Designs available at Oscraps!!

Like the look of this picture? Visit TaylorMade Designs Blog for step-by-step instructions on how to achieve it!!

Journaling Word Art - I am so motivated by your spirit.

So, that's it for now...until next time!!