Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can finally tell you...

that I am a guest CT member for Amanda Kay!!! She finally made the announcement on her blog, and I can now tell you here:) I am so excited to be working with her and creating for her!! You totally need to check out her store at Sunshine Studio Scraps!
This is the 1st LO I created using her After the Rain kit...SO love the bright colours here, it went perfectly with these pics of my oldest DD hammin' it up for the camera!!

Also...I was asked to be part of Sue Cummings CT!! She's an awesome designer at Oscraps. I've been eyeing her designs since I began scrapping...I love her simplicity, and her designs give me just the right final touch for my LOs. Man...I went through so many rejections from creative teams...and now...they are just piling up!! I'm just glad that so many of them are really relaxed about what they expect, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up with all of them!!
I'm really excited about everything that's happening with me in the scrapping world!! Keep an eye out for some new LOs from me with all these new designs I get to play with!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Let the games begin!!

So the kids survived their first games...barely. I had to work, but was allowed to skip out for a while to catch their games...I'm so lucky my work is cool like that because I was totally bummed that I would miss their first games. I'm so glad that I got to see them dressed like this for the first time!!

So, I caught Monkey's game about half way through...and all I can say is that he just seems happy to be out there running around with his friends. He gets to the ball...when he wants to...but most of the time he's flipping around on the ground...such a boy!! He's happy, so I'm happy...I'm hoping that someday he'll catch on to the whole concept of the sport and competition, but right now, he's only 5...and it's cool that he's having fun out there. So without further ado, here's some pics...
LOL!!! You can't even see his legs!!

Tried to get him #6...for nostalgia sake...but it was already handed he's #8, and quite frankly he doesn't care. And with him looking this cute, I don't really either!!

Remember what I said about him flipping around on the ground? Well, this is him caught in the least, just before it...let me tell you that he won't be wearing a white long sleeve during a game again:)

And now on to some action shots!!

At the end of the game, cheering for the other team...he really had a great time and can't wait to play again...I'm glad he had such a fun time and that I was there to watch it.

Pumpkin, on the other hand, didn't have as fun a time...but I'll get back to that later. The day started out well...and she even got #6!! She was even excited that she had my number from when I was a kid:)

So...remember my previous post about her being a drama queen during her first season, surfaced again in the first game. Although, not in the same manner...she had fun, and she still wants to play, but she was tired, and it made her throat hurt. So there was a lot of this face during the game...even some tears, but surprisingly she still wants to play.

When she wasn't making that face, she actually did quite well...she definitely has a competitive nature, and to be honest...she's too tough on herself and gets frustrated really easily.

And I know that my family is laughing right now...because this is SO my look!!

So after the games were over I had to run back to work, but I'm so glad I was able to watch their first games...and I can't wait to see more!!! I will definitely keep you updated on Monkey's flipping around and Pumpkin's endurance progression!! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am officially a....

SOCCER MOM!!! I now have 2 kiddos in soccer, and am rushing home from work to drive them back and forth between practices...I don't know how my Mom ever did it with 5 kids, AND most of us played 3 or more sports. She was crazy!!! She was SUPERMOM!!!

I was a little leary of putting Pumpkin back in to soccer, this was the girl, who, halfway through her first soccer game 2 years ago, came running up to me and said breathlessly to me ~sigh~"I can't play soccer!!" I questioned why and she wiped her brow and said "Uhh, I'm sweating!!!" OMGOSH!!! I have a girly girl!!! I freaked...what am I supposed to do with a girly girl?! Well, she finished out the season, groaning and moaning the whole time, but I wouldn't let her quit because this was something that she agreed to try, and she had made a commitment to her team, and she was going to fulfill that commitment. And believe me...threatening her that I would MAKE her play the next season got her through many a practice...and even a game!!! I know...I'm terrible...threatening to make her play soccer!! Teehee...worked like magic!!

So, anyway...sign-ups came around this year and I posted the question to her...and after an initial refusal, she quickly agreed.

"Are you sure? You remember the last time you played soccer, you wanted to quit half way through the season."

"I know Mom...but I want to play."


And so we went to her first practice...and it was okay, there were no major dramatics, her coach was really cool and she made some friends...AND I even got some cute pics.

~sigh~ She even LOOKS like she can play soccer here!!!

And then...there's this...REALLY gotta work on that kick!!

Her coach was SO cool...he totally made everything fun and the kids loved him! TOTALLY looks like she's beating everyone on the run...shhhh...don't tell her I told you, but she didn't run out as far as everyone. DEFINITELY need to work on her endurance!!

So she enjoyed her first day of practice...that's a good start!! Let's see how long it lasts...first game is this Saturday.

So, I did say that I had 2 kiddos in soccer...Monkey had his very first taste of soccer as well...and he was SO cute...I think the soccer ball came up to his knees!! :)

Let's just say that I am SO glad that someone is willing to put up with him for about 30 minutes, twice a week and run him to the ground!! He literally fell asleep an hour early...AND didn't wake up until everyone else was already's a MIRACLE!!!

And of course I got so totally cute pics of him!!

I just LOVE the mean look on his face here as he's trying to run as fast as he can...

Ah, my poor son, whom I love very just SO not coordinated enough to do a jumping jack...I was ROLLING on the field watching him!!

So cute, holding up his hand to ask a question...such good manners;)

Gotta work on keeping that head up when he dribbles...

Just totally LOVE this pic for some reason!!

And so begins a new stage of my life...the soccer mom...I just hope that I can do it as well as my mom did!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Check This Out!!!

Okay...everyone needs to head over to Sunshine Studio to check out Monica mgl Scraps' latest and greatest kit!!! It's a bit funky, a bit grungy, but yet perfect for just about any type of layout. I'm totally in love with the colours...and there's SO much included...I'm keeping my fingers crossed to win this!! Could you cross yours too?! LOL!!

You can grab this awesome kit here!!

You also have to check these albums out by TaylorMade Designs

You could totally get 2 albums, or more done in an evening...just plug in those pictures and you're done!!! It's SO cool, when it's this easy:)

Get these many more amazing designs from TaylorMade here!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Zanee, a guest and SO happy!!!

Okay, so I have some totally HOLY COW AWESOME news!!! I have been invited to create for Erica Zane!! I'm so excited about this, and I can't wait to start playing with her designs! She has some seriously cute designs. You can check out her amazing designs here

And here's a LO that I created with her newest kit EZ Shrubberies


And some other really AWESOME news!! I'm a guest CT member for Brianna Cox of Scrap It Designs!! I was on her CT when she first started designing, but unfortunately, I became swamped with studying for my licensing exam and life in general and regretfully had to back out. She has done some amazing stuff since then, and I'm so excited to be working with her again...even if it is for a short while!! You can check out her stuff here

And then to top off one awesome mom called and told me that they were planning on heading down this way for a visit in October during the kid's fall vacation.

Awwww...I love my Mom and Dad!! I can't wait to see them, we missed going up to their place this summer...I hope that never happens again!! This day has been just awesome...except for the fact that my kids are all sick...nothing major though! This day ended with my being extremely happy:)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Missing My Friends

Well, it's only been a week...and I'm SO missing my friends!! A little background info, I've been working for the last few months with 2 great friends, but August 1st was their last day...and I'm totally left ALL alone!! Well, not all alone, but it's sure different without Jess and Marie not there!! I miss my working baller on Main East!!! Jess, you made working on the ortho floor SO much fun!! I have to say that I was NOT gonna work there 5 days a week, until I started working with you, and now that you're gone...I don't know how I'm gonna survive!! We are still trying to recruit someone as worthy as you for the Dream Team...but to be honest...I don't think that there is one!! Although, we have a couple of imposters trying to work their way in there;) And Marie, I know that you didn't really enjoy your time there as a student...but I loved having you around! You are free to come over and spend time with us any time!! My kiddos miss their Auntie Marie;) Anyway, here are some pics of my awesome, long gone co-workers!!

Ah kept work fun:)

The Dream Team!!

...and bench:) Poor Howard!!

Oh yeah...August 1st was the last day on Main East for Marilyn too...the funniest discharge planner. So I was triple slammed that Monday!! Although, Marilyn is still working in the hospital, just on another floor.

And then, there was Marie:( I'm so glad that I got to know you while you were interning here!! And to think that we went to the same school, and I barely knew you!! I loved having you here, and I'm glad that I was able to help you out a bit through "the rough times." I hope that your time here didn't scar you so much that you won't come back to visit!! You are always welcome at my home!!

Marie and two friends...who left me with the likes of a pug!!

Ah, we had some great times together!!

I will truly miss you guys. I hope you keep in touch!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Family Times

So Mike and I went to a family wedding this weekend...and I have to say that I had a great time. We actually had friends (thank you SO much Lou and C!!) that offered to watch our kiddos for the night! WOW...we haven't had a night to ourselves old is Pumpkin again? LOL!!'s been a LONG time. We barely left the dance floor all night. So, here are some pics from the special day for Emily and Bo.

The kids were there during the ceremony and for a little bit afterwards...I couldn't resist taking some pics of them with this gorgeous lighting!! I could just melt in my little Monkey's eyes...they're just big brown pools of chocolate!!

My beautiful Pumpkin...she's just growing up too fast!

I TOTALLY wish that I had thought of this for my flower girl!!! I SO LOVE those pixie wings!!

Isn't that view just gorgeous?! Beautiful venue!

You may kiss the bride...

Pumpkin and one of her cousins...two little cuties!!

Just a beautiful pic of my little Sweet Pea in front of an absolutely beautiful backdrop!

Yes...sometimes they can be this sweet to each other:)

Me and my baby!!

Some pics of my kiddos being their goofy selves!! And after the snacks, the kiddos left:)

Cutting and eating the cake...

Now aren't we two hot little mamas?!

The first I have to say that it started out as a typical slow first dance, but then they sped it up and did a whole Saturday Night Fever totally hilarious!!

My sis-in-law, mom-in-law and me...

We had a blast!! Love this pic!

So we spent the night at Jay and Jenn's...and when the kids woke up...Auntie Jenn had a surprise for them...a princess castle cake!!

This made her #1 Auntie (for the time being) in Sweet Pea's book:)

My cute little Monkey!

Lounging on the couch with Uncle Jay...

Then we headed over to the day after party...just another day spent with the relatives. This is the newest kiddo on the block...

We had a "parade of cakes" for all the birthdays around this Monkey got another TMNT cake...

Sweet Pea and her cousin enjoying each other's company...

Hanging out with cousins from Down Under...

Uncle Tom and Tita Girlie from Las spending time with them!!

And our newest favorite relative...the fabulous Mark from NYC!!! We are SO totally going over there to get the Sex and the City tour:)

So that was our weekend...lots of time with times had...and memories made...could it get any better? Well...maybe if it was with my relatives...but Mike's were a good substitute;)