Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Family Times

So Mike and I went to a family wedding this weekend...and I have to say that I had a great time. We actually had friends (thank you SO much Lou and C!!) that offered to watch our kiddos for the night! WOW...we haven't had a night to ourselves in...how old is Pumpkin again? LOL!! Seriously...it's been a LONG time. We barely left the dance floor all night. So, here are some pics from the special day for Emily and Bo.

The kids were there during the ceremony and for a little bit afterwards...I couldn't resist taking some pics of them with this gorgeous lighting!! I could just melt in my little Monkey's eyes...they're just big brown pools of chocolate!!

My beautiful Pumpkin...she's just growing up too fast!

I TOTALLY wish that I had thought of this for my flower girl!!! I SO LOVE those pixie wings!!

Isn't that view just gorgeous?! Beautiful venue!

You may kiss the bride...

Pumpkin and one of her cousins...two little cuties!!

Just a beautiful pic of my little Sweet Pea in front of an absolutely beautiful backdrop!

Yes...sometimes they can be this sweet to each other:)

Me and my baby!!

Some pics of my kiddos being their goofy selves!! And after the snacks, the kiddos left:)

Cutting and eating the cake...

Now aren't we two hot little mamas?!

The first dance...now I have to say that it started out as a typical slow first dance, but then they sped it up and did a whole Saturday Night Fever thing...so totally hilarious!!

My sis-in-law, mom-in-law and me...

We had a blast!! Love this pic!

So we spent the night at Jay and Jenn's...and when the kids woke up...Auntie Jenn had a surprise for them...a princess castle cake!!

This made her #1 Auntie (for the time being) in Sweet Pea's book:)

My cute little Monkey!

Lounging on the couch with Uncle Jay...

Then we headed over to the day after party...just another day spent with the relatives. This is the newest kiddo on the block...

We had a "parade of cakes" for all the birthdays around this time...so Monkey got another TMNT cake...

Sweet Pea and her cousin enjoying each other's company...

Hanging out with cousins from Down Under...

Uncle Tom and Tita Girlie from Las Vegas...love spending time with them!!

And our newest favorite relative...the fabulous Mark from NYC!!! We are SO totally going over there to get the Sex and the City tour:)

So that was our weekend...lots of time with relatives...fun times had...and memories made...could it get any better? Well...maybe if it was with my relatives...but Mike's were a good substitute;)

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