Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am officially a....

SOCCER MOM!!! I now have 2 kiddos in soccer, and am rushing home from work to drive them back and forth between practices...I don't know how my Mom ever did it with 5 kids, AND most of us played 3 or more sports. She was crazy!!! She was SUPERMOM!!!

I was a little leary of putting Pumpkin back in to soccer, this was the girl, who, halfway through her first soccer game 2 years ago, came running up to me and said breathlessly to me ~sigh~"I can't play soccer!!" I questioned why and she wiped her brow and said "Uhh, I'm sweating!!!" OMGOSH!!! I have a girly girl!!! I freaked...what am I supposed to do with a girly girl?! Well, she finished out the season, groaning and moaning the whole time, but I wouldn't let her quit because this was something that she agreed to try, and she had made a commitment to her team, and she was going to fulfill that commitment. And believe me...threatening her that I would MAKE her play the next season got her through many a practice...and even a game!!! I know...I'm terrible...threatening to make her play soccer!! Teehee...worked like magic!!

So, anyway...sign-ups came around this year and I posted the question to her...and after an initial refusal, she quickly agreed.

"Are you sure? You remember the last time you played soccer, you wanted to quit half way through the season."

"I know Mom...but I want to play."


And so we went to her first practice...and it was okay, there were no major dramatics, her coach was really cool and she made some friends...AND I even got some cute pics.

~sigh~ She even LOOKS like she can play soccer here!!!

And then...there's this...REALLY gotta work on that kick!!

Her coach was SO cool...he totally made everything fun and the kids loved him! TOTALLY looks like she's beating everyone on the run...shhhh...don't tell her I told you, but she didn't run out as far as everyone. DEFINITELY need to work on her endurance!!

So she enjoyed her first day of practice...that's a good start!! Let's see how long it lasts...first game is this Saturday.

So, I did say that I had 2 kiddos in soccer...Monkey had his very first taste of soccer as well...and he was SO cute...I think the soccer ball came up to his knees!! :)

Let's just say that I am SO glad that someone is willing to put up with him for about 30 minutes, twice a week and run him to the ground!! He literally fell asleep an hour early...AND didn't wake up until everyone else was already's a MIRACLE!!!

And of course I got so totally cute pics of him!!

I just LOVE the mean look on his face here as he's trying to run as fast as he can...

Ah, my poor son, whom I love very just SO not coordinated enough to do a jumping jack...I was ROLLING on the field watching him!!

So cute, holding up his hand to ask a question...such good manners;)

Gotta work on keeping that head up when he dribbles...

Just totally LOVE this pic for some reason!!

And so begins a new stage of my life...the soccer mom...I just hope that I can do it as well as my mom did!!

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