Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Recap

Okay...where do I start? Let's see...since Mother's Day...

I went to San Francisco with Erica (a friend from work) and our kids. We had a great time checking out Pier 39 and China Town. Our kiddos get along so well, so the trip was a success.

I finished my hellish women's basketball league...with a big fat donut hole!! I have NEVER gone o-fer...ever!! It totally sucks! The team just got worse and worse as the season went was so hard to get excited to play...but as I am trying to teach my kiddos, if you finish. And so, I finished...and man, was I ever glad when that last horn sounded!!
A great uplifting experience for my basketball soul happened halfway through my terrible donut hole season. I played in an Asian tournament in Sacramento with my usual, did it ever feel awesome to play with girls who actually know how to play!! Anyway, we ended up coming 2nd...AND I got an all-star!! I was worried that since it had been so long since I had played...that I was actually as bad as the rest of my team...but this tournament breathed some new life in to me. It was nice to win again!!

The kiddos finished school...

We obtained the third pet of our family...Scrambler...a blue bellied lizard. The poor guy ended up getting caught in a bin in our backyard. He was originally supposed to be an end of the year present for Monkey's teacher, but then his teacher informed him that he was going to release him with the other lizards and bugs...and Monkey's heart just about broke. So...he became a part of our family.
Logan learned how to ride without training wheels...I know...we don't get out on the bikes much. But she was totally stoked!!

The kiddos and I took an impromptu trip down to Disneyland...I mean, Mike asked me if I wanted to go down at 8:30 on Thursday night, I bought the tickets by 10:30, packed everything up, took a little nap and headed out by 5:00am. The kiddos didn't know where we were going, and when they finally figured out that we were going to Disneyland, this was the shot I captured.
The second surprise of the trip was that we were going to be spending the weekend in Disneyland with these guys...

Wait...of course we were going to see this guy there...I meant these guys...

That's right...the Barnes were spending the week in Disneyland for my neices' birthdays and we were going to meet them there!! I was totally excited...I mean, how could you not be excited...we were going to be in Disneyland for the weekend!! AND we were spending it with the Barnes!!
So we did the usual meet and greet with some of the characters. Although, I have to say that we didn't spend too much time waiting in lines to meet characters. But, we did have to meet the fairies and the princesses. The girls were SO excited and TOTALLY stoked to meet these girls, as well as some other ones.

But Monkey wasn't as easily impressed...

That is...until he was chosen to be a Padawan and got to fight Darth Vadar himself!!
And just some pics to actually prove that I was there!!

We had such a great time with these guys!! This trip really made me miss having supportive family around! It made me re-think my decision about moving to Arizona. Yeah, it's damn hot...but at least we'll be by family who cares. I wish that it was by my family...but I don't think that will be happening any time, until then...Arizona might be sooner in my future than I had originally planned.

Anyway, during our trip to Disneyland, Pumpkin had been complaining about her leg being itchy. I passed it off on bug bites, because it originally looked like bug bites around her ankle. But it ended up being, what the doctor thinks, is poison oak. Now, I have never had a run in with poison plants of any's just too cold up in Canada, and I have to say that I hope I never do!! And I hope that my kiddos never have a run in with it's horrible!! I felt SO bad, and there was nothing I could do for them except give them Benadryl and apply some Tea Tree Oil.

Doesn't that just look so horrible and painful and itchy?! I felt terrible for her. She was actually prescribed some steroids to help get over this. I'm just glad that Monkey and Sweet Pea didn't get it AS bad...but they are still trying to get over this...almost 2 weeks later. Now we have to make sure that this never happens again!!

And last but not least...we celebrated Father's Day. And I feel terrible admitting that it was nowhere near as extravagant as what Mike planned for me. But it was awesome. The kids wanted to bring Daddy breakfast in bed so we woke up early and made him banana pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, eggs, sausages and bacon. Then we just hung around the house all day...we haven't done that together in a long was refreshing, to not have anything to do except spend time together. Then we grilled some steaks for dinner. It was a perfect day for us as a family. And looking back at things...isn't that what's important?!

Oh more of today, my little Monkey is now riding his bike without training wheels too!! Apparently, all the motivation he needed was to see a video of his cousin, 3 weeks younger, riding her bike without training wheels. It only took a couple of times with me running behind him before he was taking off by himself!! I'll be back with pictures later!!
So, that is all that's happened in my life in the last month...I'll try to keep more up to date, not only for you guys (if there is anyone out there reading this blog) but for me as takes a long time to catch up a month at a time!! ;)