Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yes, that's right!! I LOVE my family...especially when I get to spend time with them. My older sista, Tanya and her family came down to spend a few days in sunny California with us. And, surprisingly...the weather cooperated, for the most part. The weather system that had been holding in the smoke from the wildfires around Big Sur changed and we had beautiful blue skies!! So...what did we do while they were here? Why, go the beach...OF COURSE!!! After all, that's what they came down to do...lay out on the beach, get sunburned...what else is there to do in Cali? So the kids had a blast, and we had a great time just catching up, and lounging in the sand. Here are some pics from the beach:

Cousins, and best friends...together, where they're supposed to be!

There was a lot of shrieking and running away from the waves

My super cute niece, Mac! And yes, she is cuter in real life:)

Even their family dog, Tuck, made the trip down...Monkey had a blast playing fetch with him.

Although, there was a lot of pleading for the ball on Monkey's part

Just a cutie pic of my two guys...

And a pic of the odd concoction that Pumpkin put together...yes, she did want to bring it home...and NO she didn't!!

So what's there to do after a few hours on the beach?! Why, head out to your favorite Mexican restaurant in town...Turtle Bay...mmmmmm, DE-licious!!

And that was the end of Day 1.

On Day 2, it was more of the same...the rest of the family spent the entire afternoon at the beach...while I worked:( But we ended up heading into downtown Monterey. Had a nice little walk around, then ate at a not-so-good restaurant...if you're even in downtown Monterey, I wouldn't recommend Willy's Smokehouse...just FYI.

BUT...of course...I did get some pics!!

Monkey...riding the waves where he could...on the beach. One day he'll graduate to real waves:)

My older sista, Tanya...looking gorgeous!!

And my bro-in-law...unfortunately I got to him too late, and he was already sunburnt!

My other cutie niece...Ace.

And my Pumpkin...striking a pose!

Ace, Pumpkin and Monkey pretending to surf...

Totally cute pic of the kiddos posing for the camera:)

Some pics of our walk...

See...I told ya she was a cutie!!

And probably my favorite pic of the whole trip...

I think I'll end this post for now...stay tuned for more pics from our 4th of July day at the beach. Although, it felt kinda weird...celebrating Independence Day when there was only 1 American out of the 9 of us...would've been kinda cool if they coulda made it down for Canada Day on July 1st!!

And of course I had to make some LOs from my favorite pictures!!


And I think that I love this picture even more when it's cropped and enlarged...

Thanks for sticking around!!

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