Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July Celebrations!!

I know this is a little late, but I swear I've worked on this before and had trouble uploading pics...and I can't have a post without pics!! So, the 4th of July was great...a very, very, extremely nice co-worker offered to work for me...which was SO awesome, not only because it gave me the day off...but because it allowed me to spend a whole day with my sister and her family AND it gave me 2 days off in a row during a 12 out of 14 days work shift. So I am EXTREMELY grateful to her...I love her to bits!! So, we finally headed out to the beach around 1:30...Carmel beach was expected, but we found a cozy little spot by the wall in a little cove. And we set up camp...and I have to admit...that Mike and I overpacked...a bit. And I know that Tanya is totally scoffing at that last statement. So let me explain...Mike tends to totally overpack...and I mean TOTALLY!!! He figures that he wants to be ready for anything and he brings everything!! And I have to say that over the 12 years that I've been with him, it's just normal to me now...although I have to say that I was a tad bit embarassed when Tanya and Frank showed up with 2 backpacks...and Mike drove up with a truckload. Oh well, we overpacked...but at least we didn't get there and find out that we forgot something. I'm trying to work on the whole "simplify" process with Mike....and let me just's a work in progress...and it's not progressing very fast:)

Anyways...on to the pictures!!
This is the beautiful spot where we spent the day... Carmel Beach, with golf courses in the distance, white sand, beautiful blue-green waters, pelicans flying in the bright blue sky, and kids and adults alike enjoying the surf and sand...what more could you ask for?

I snapped this picture of Tanya as we were walking to the beach...I don't think she knew that I took it, but I loved it...seeing her dress blowing in the breeze with that beautiful ocean in front of her and the white sand behind it!

Even Tuck enjoyed the ocean this day...that dog would do anything for his ball...including braving the waves pounding against him...can you spot the ball in this picture?


...was here!!

My cutie patootie, Sweet Pea, kept building her princess castles too close to the water...

...and it kept getting washed away, but that didn't stop her from building it again...and totally enjoying the process!!

Although, that didn't last too long...she got tired of building castles and went looking for cookies...and she found them!!

So like I said, we made camp by this wall...that was a really cool backdrop for some pictures. I snapped a pic of the girls as they were walking in front of it.

Then I asked them to pose...and THIS is what I got!! Is that really a 10 year old and a 6 year old?!

And then Mac wanted to get in on the poses in front of the wall...and for the life of her WOULD NOT stop eating that chip!!

And again...that chip!!

And what were "the boys" doing all this time? Why, enjoying that water of course!! Yes, Mike did brave the cold Northern California waters to boogie board! And Frank laughed at him most of the time because of the faces and sounds he made when the cold waves hit him.

And Tanner was facing his own waves...I have to admit that I'm REALLY proud of him...he started out deathly afraid of water, and now he's letting waves up past his stomach wash over him!!

And as it usually does this time of year down here...the weather changed from sunshiney and warm to overcast and a little can see the clouds rolling in here.

So, Mike retired from boogie boarding, for the time being, and started up the grill. Sweet set-up, eh?

Mac and Pumpkin retired to a little cozy shelter we set up, to warm their little buns...

Ace and Sweet Pea went off to build sand castles...

As did Monkey...

And apparently, Sweet Pea was very...VERY impressed by his sandcastle building talents!!

Dinner turned out AWESOME!!! Mike always does a great job on the grill!!

Pumpkin got a little smoke in her eye...

And what's a beach party without watermelon?

It got a little colder...

Sweet Pea made a cute little friend her age...he totally followed her around all over the place!! Ah, young love;)

And Mike, for some reason, braved the cold Northern California waters again to ride the waves...although, I must admit, there were some good waves out there.

And since there were no fireworks allowed on the beach, or most of the other areas in Monterey County because of all the crazy wildfires...we had to make do. Or actually, our neighbours on the beach helped out. They brought these glow know you remember wearing them around your neck:) and they all took turns throwing them up in the air and then running around after times, fun times!!

So, that was pretty much it. The kids were OUT within 2 minutes of getting in the car, a good time was had by all...and we didn't get to the beach and think of anything that we forgot:)

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