Monday, April 4, 2011

Catching Up...

Well, I'll just keep going with the blogging challenge...even though I have clearly not kept up with the 30 days in a fact, I'm pretty sure the 30 days is over and I've only blogged about 4 days...what can I say...

Here's my excuses...I've been sick with a chest cold for almost 2 weeks...not so horrible that I couldn't function, but horrible enough that it really takes something out of me at the end of the day. Actually, it has totally caused my asthma to act I've felt very short of breath for the better part of the last week and a bit...not a fun feeling :P fantastic new boyfriend and I have broken up...guess he wasn't so fantastic and perfect for me after, am I ever glad I didn't blog very much about him It actually wasn't that bad...I mean, he started questioning his feelings about me and whether or not he was ready for a relationship so soon...but he also started talking to another it just had to end. And as soon as I realized that I deserved better and that I didn't have to tolerate was easy to end it. So I'm doing good, and I think that this was a turning point for me, in terms of knowing what I want and what I won't tolerate in relationships. here's some catch up days...

Day 5 Favourite Recipes

Well, I have to say that right now, my favourite recipes are for Laksa and a Shrimp Pesto Pizza.
I don't really have true recipes...because we just kinda figure them out as we go I'm sorry to disappoint those who got really excited about these dishes.

Erika and I have made Laksa a few times now, and I have to say that I LOVE's a Malasian curry soup, and it is heaven in a bowl...really, it is. All I know is that we use Tikka Masala, coconut milk, Tamarind soup base, fish sauce, prawns, baby corn, pineapple, red peppers, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, boiled eggs, rice noodles and cilantro.
We make a soup base out of the Tikka Masala, coconut milk and fish sauce...and it really is to taste for us.
In another pot we make the tamarind soup base then we add it to the Tikka Masala. Once that is boiling, we add all the vegetables and simmer until they are tender. Then in go the prawns and pineapple. Then we just add it over the rice noodles, and top it with bean sprouts, cilantro and sliced boiled eggs.
I know...not the greatest recipe...but yummy!! If you really want me to figure out how we really make it, feel free to email me at

And my other recipe is for Shrimp Pesto Pizza...and literally I just take cooked shrimp, chopped fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and mix it with a greek salad dressing, salt and pepper. Spread pesto sauce over your pizza bread (I use pita bread), then take your shrimp mix and spread it on top of the pesto...and put it in the oven to cook...literally...that easy...but SOOOOO delicious!!!

Day 6 A picture of something that makes me happy...

It would definitely have to be my kiddos...just beings kiddos, and enjoying themselves...they crack me up, make me crazy, keep me sane, and fill my life with joy...I love them

Day 7 Favourite Movies

I actually just answered this for someone I don't have to do as much thinking about it. As I told him...I have many different favourite movies, depending on the genre...
For suspense movies I love Shawkshank Redemption, The Usual Suspects, Taken, Signs
For romantic comedies I love 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed, A Walk To Remember, Princess Bride
For romance I love Pride & Prejudice, Shakespeare In Love
For comedy I love Tommy Boy, Due Date, Old School
For action I love martial arts movies, especially ones like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of Flying Daggers
and I love musicals...Moulin Rouge (awesome!!) and Burlesque...I just love the singing and dancing...

Day 8 A Place I've Traveled To

Well, I actually haven't had the opportunity to travel too much...oh, the places that I want to go...someday...

I have been able to travel to Hawaii a few times (since the conference that I played basketball in had the University of Hawaii in it) and I was able to take a trip to the Philippines while I was still with my ex-husband. I'll have to scan some pictures in and post them...I loved going to was so beautiful, but I had the best time with my teammates. The last year that we were there our whole team rented mopeds and went all over the island...SO much fun!!

Day 9 A Picture of my Friends

Here is "The wolf pack" we are referred to in our

Actually, all these fabulous girls are my little sister, Erika's, friends...but seeing as she is my best friend, I have become really good friends with these girls as well. They are amazing...beautiful, strong, independent women...and they have helped me to realize that I am as well, and that I don't have to the words of Tammy..."it'll be your turn when you finally decide you're worth your own weight in gold and then disallow anyone to treat you otherwise"...I love them for that.

Day 10 Something that I'm afraid of...

Wow...what a loaded prompt...there are a lot of things that I'm afraid of...nothing really tangible though.

I am afraid of not finding someone that will love me for who I am...I have found that I really don't like to be alone, and not because I don't like being by myself...but I really love spending those everyday moments with someone I love.

I am afraid that I'm not going to be able to give my kiddos everything that they need...being a single parent is hard, and I still have so much help from my parents since my licensing hasn't come through yet...I'm afraid that once I am out on my own, that I won't be able to provide for them the way that I want to.

Ok...that's all the catch up I'm doing today...I've got to get to bed and try to get rid of this cold...

Until next time...peace!!

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