Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 in a row!!

Woah...I must be coming down with something...3 days in a row!! Oh wait...I am sick with a cold, maybe it's the fact that I'm sitting at home all day with nothing to do that is making me feel obligated to blog...

Whatever it is, here we go...

Day 21 A Picture of Myself

Well since I don't get many pictures taken of me...I had to go with this one, and crop a certain ex-boyfriend out...I think it turned out pretty good ;)

Day 22 What's In My Makeup Bag

Well, here's a picture of what's in my makeup bag at this moment... almost always has my mineral powder foundation, bronzer, blush, eye shadow (both powder and wet), mascara, eye liner, eye lash curler, tweezers and always hair ties. I often have an extra set of earrings and maybe a bracelet thrown in there as well...depending on the night.

Day 23 Favourite Vacation

Seeing as I haven't really had too many chances to travel I'm going to give 2 answers here. My favourite date would have to be my last trip down to Disneyland. The reason why I loved it so much was because it was totally impromptu...I'm talking, it kinda came up and 3 hours later I had bought the tickets, had our bags packed and was trying to get a little bit of sleep before heading down. Another reason it rocked was because the kids had NO idea where we were going...I was able to keep it a secret the whole way down!! And the last reason it was awesome was because we were able to spend 3 days in the happiest place on earth with Lynn, Ray and their kiddos...I think that was the best part...being able to spend it with family.

Now my favourite vacation of choice would be either a trip through Asia or somewhere the Cayman Islands. I have always dreamed of taking a trip through Asia, and after my little brother and his girlfriend spent 6 months traveling through just makes me want to go even more. And really, who wouldn't want to vacation in the Cayman's just paradise.

Day 24 Something I've Learned

Haha...I would have to say that I have hit a terms of relationships. I have learned that I don't have to settle...that I deserve to be happy and I deserve to be treated like gold. And what's more important is that I have learned that I am strong enough to stand up for it...and that is what's gold to me!!

Day 25 First 10 Songs on my iPod

1. Duffy - Stepping Stone
2. Jaheim - Til It Happens To You
3. Nelly - Nothing Without Her
4. Garth Brooks - In Another's Eyes
5. David Guetta - One Love
6. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
7. Jay Sean - 2012
8. Miguel - Sure Thing
9. Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
10. John Mayer - Vultures that playlist really be any more random?! Now you KNOW I didn't fake that!!

Day 26 Picture of My Family

As of right now...this is my little family...these guys mean the world to me...I would do anything for them...

It's always hard to get a picture of my whole family...there are just too many of us, and we're hardly all together at the same here are a couple pics just to give you all an idea...

Here is one of most of the family, minus Darren and Auria, who were traveling through China at the time. Plus there are a couple extra friends in here...

And here is one of the 5 Johnson kids...this doesn't happen very often, where all of us are in the same place at the same I love it when it does happen...I love my sisters and my brother...I would not be the woman that I am today, if not for them!!

Anyway, that's all the catching up for today!! Maybe, if you're lucky...I'll be back tomorrow again!!

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