Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too Good To Last

Well, you had to know that it would come to an end...but at least it hasn't been that long since I blogged last. Alright...let's get back to the 30 day thing...

Day 27 Pets

Well, right now we have 2 cats...Simba and Kiara. But we (meaning the kiddos and I) are all anxiously awaiting the time when we have our own place and can get a dog. I have been waiting forever to get a Bernese Mountain Dog. And I'm so jealous because my sister's boyfriend just got one...and he's SO cute...and just makes me that much more impatient!!

Isn't he just adorable?! will be mine!! Muahahahahahaha!!!

Day 28 Something The Stresses Me Out

Well, I try not to let too much get to me...what's the point in being stressed out about every little thing? But one thing that does wear on me is clutter and mess...especially my kid's, that room just can't stay clean!! So yes...I have to admit, that my stress level does go up when it's messy...although, I have to say that my room was really messy when I was growing up...but I don't tell them that! ;)

Day 29 3 Wishes first wish would be to finally be licensed as a PT here in Canada...really, I cannot wait for that to happen...everything else will just start falling in to place after that.
My second wish would be to have my kiddos happy.
My last wish would be for my life, love...everything. I just want to be happy.

That's it...I'm simple like that...

Day 30 A Picture

Hmmm...don't really feel like posting another picture of I'll just go with one that I've taken recently that I love.

In honour of my little sister and best friend's 28th birthday today... now have 30 days (kinda) worth of blogging from me...let's see where this goes from here...

Tata, for now!!

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Tanya Johnson said...

Dang! That dog is cute... We have to give away Tuck for a bit. our new place we are moving into doesn't allow dogs....yet....we are going to try and sneak him in after the summer. Walter and his family will be dog-sitting for us this summer. They are totally excited, even put in special grass in their backyard for him, and it works out good for us as we are going to be gone on bball trips for most of the summer. Dogs are great, but they need exercise, and companionship, and food, and water, and your attention....and somebody to pick up their poop. Too. Much. Work. Love ya.