Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a Weekend!!

So we had a pretty fun Sunday. We went up to Tita Vickie's in Sacramento and the kiddos basically spent the entire day in the pool...no kidding, I think that Monkey was out of the pool...maybe an hour out of the 9 hours we were there. The great thing about it was that I finally got some great summer pictures!! There's nothing better than spending a day with people you love!! Here are a few LOs that I made of our day there:
Monkey had a blast...for someone who just a month ago was totally freaked out about taking showers and baths (trust me, this fear came out of nowhere...I'm talking mid-shower, he develops this insane fear of water!!) he didn't show any fear of the water today!!! I just love the smiles on his face...he just makes you want to smile, he just exudes happiness:)


Template & Word Art by Sue Cummings available at Oscraps

And Sweet Pea, after a few hours of playing around on the stairs, found the dessert table...and from the moment she spied the chocolate cookies the negotiating began! She wanted 4, I said 2...and she reluctantly agreed to 3. And let me tell you, she knows when I'm trying to cheat her...she made sure I gave her 3!! And she just enjoyed them SO much...look at the enjoyment on her face!! She's in heaven:)


Template & Word Art by Sue Cummings available at Oscraps

And not to worry...I am going to make a LO about Pumpkin, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. She didn't have as much fun as the others. Apparently while I was out buying my new swimsuit, she was knocked down to the ground by my ever-so-graceful Payton, and she hit her forehead. So she was sporting a small headache for most of the day. But I did manage to get some great shots of Auntie Jenn giving her some swimming lessons. I have to say, and Auntie Jenn will agree, that Pumpkin picked up the frog kick pretty quickly!! So, stay tuned...a swimming lesson with Auntie Jenn LO will soon be gracing this blog:)

On another note...I had the opportunity to see "Sex and the City - The Movie" this weekend with Jenn. It was a totally last minute thought, at dinner she mentioned to me that she had already seen it, I told her that I didn't have anyone to watch it with, since my best friend (my little sister - who got me started on SATC) lives in Canada...and I can't wait until I go up there to see it. So she told me whenever I want, just ask and she'll see it with me...so I asked!! We had a blast!! First a cocktail at Outback Steakhouse...mmmm, yummy Kiwi Margarita!!

Unfortunately, this picture is out of focus...but thanks to TaylorMade Designs designer spotlight challenge I know just what to do to save this picture!!!

Then it was off to see Carrie and the gang!! I have to say that this was an AMAZING movie!! And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Sex and the City fan, it really was great. It had it all, I laughed, cried, felt the heartache & pain, felt hope and happiness...it was an amazing rollercoaster!! I really recommend it for everyone!! MUST GO SEE!!!

And today, I got off work a little early, so as a surprise, Mike and I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda. Cute movie, the kids loved it, especially Monkey...I was entertained just listening to him laugh. Then the kids put on their own little kung fu show after the movie outside the theatres...that, I think was better than the movie. I wouldn't say that it's been as good as some of the other Dreamwork cartoons (ie. Shrek and Madagascar), but it was cute and entertaining.

Monkey's favorite character was of course Po, the Panda.

And Pumpkin's was Tigress, the female tiger! You go girl!!!

This totally makes me want to get the kiddos in to martial arts, I think that they would love it. And I would love to see them be able to have the confidence in themselves and be able to defend themselves, if need be. Just the mom in me wanting her kids to be safe!!

And Sweet Pea? Well, she was just happy to be watching a movie with Mom while eating popcorn and candy. On that note...can you believe that a large popcorn, a bottled water and a package of Goobers cost over $13?! I think that it's just crazy how much they are charging for snacks!!! Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but I snuck in some drinks and snacks of my own...I mean, come on...if what I bought cost that much, can you imagine what it would cost for snacks for 5?

Anyway, that's it for now...it's nighty night for me!!

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