Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's Day!!

Well, this weekend, yet again...we went up to the Bay Area. But it wasn't as bad as the other weekends because we are finally done with our never-ending garage sale. We have an of Mike's aunts has graciously offered to sell our items...over in Saipan. So, we just have to box it up and ship it over there...and it's not as expensive as it sounds because the in-laws ship a container over there every other month or it's off our hands...FINALLY!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to finally be done with that!

And on Sunday, we went to brunch...the usual for the in-laws, to celebrate Daddy's day and my father-in-law's birthday. The great thing about is it that I got some really great pictures!

Finally, a picture that I want to print out and frame of my entire little clan!!

Auntie Jenn and Uncle Jay are always a big hit with the kiddos!!

and this is probably my favorite picture of me and Sweet Pea recently...a picture that I actually like of myself...go figure!!

The food was okay, I got really, really stuffed off of waffles with strawberries and whipped Sweet Pea would say "mmmmmmm, DElicious!!!"
On another note...I started running again...if you can call what I do running:) I decided that I really need to start getting back in to some sort of shape and I was completely stressed out, so I needed a natural high...or so I thought I would get a natural high. But what I actually got was burning lungs and screaming muscles. I think that my leg muscles went on strike after that because the next day I couldn't even walk properly...there was no ninja here...all you could here was plop, plop, plop!! I couldn't even cushion my walk because my muscles were SO SORE!!! It sucks to be 30!! just sucks to be out of shape! So, I made it on 2 runs, Wednesday and Friday. Then, I took the weekend off with every intention of going for a run early this morning...but I've been battling some sort of cold or allergies or something that has had me feeling really run down with a sore throat and a headache...and I did NOT feel like running at 5:30 this morning. So I thought, "okay, when can I make up my missed run?" and I ran into a co-worker who mentioned that they're playing basketball tonight..."SWEET", I thought, "this will make up for my run!!" So I go to this church at 7:00, and no-one is there...I take that back, there is a Bible Camp for kids there...but no basketball. TOTAL BUMMER!!! I was actually REALLY looking forward to playing again. So, I guess that I have to wake up early again for a run:( Just a note...I would MUCH rather play basketball to get in shape than run!! I totally need to find a place where I can play basketball!!
I just wanted to take this moment to thank my big sis...Tanya...she just totally bailed me out...again!!! I was so stressed and emotional, and she stepped in and was my sister...thank you for what you did...thank you for being there for me!!! I LOVE YOU!!! This is NOT the greatest picture of us...but, unfortunately, it's the most recent...I think that we're a little tipsy here...after all, it was taken on Christmas Eve!!!

So, not much else to relay here...just some cute pictures that I took this weekend!!

Gotta love it when the girls are playing together nicely AND cooperate with you when you want to take their picture!! And you KNOW you remember those My Little Ponies!!! They were a HUGE hit with me and my younger sister, Rachel! I was SO excited when they started coming out with them again...and now Sweet Pea has developed a love for them...thankfully, Pumpkin has...a...few, that she is willing to share:) this is just the sweetest little picture!!

And I just LOVE getting a picture of a natural smile...or just looks SO much better than a posed one!! I must say that he's a pretty nice looking guy...and he's mine:)

My two guys!!! So cute!

So, that's all for it? GOOD!!!

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