Friday, September 5, 2008

How well do you know your colours?

A fun link from the girls at Sweet Shoppe Designs...
The Crayola website has a quiz to see how well you know your colours. You can take the quiz here. It's a little fun, takes me back to when I was a kid...I definitely knew my blues and greens, my fave colours...had a little bit of trouble with the browns. But, after making my choices for the 64 crayons, I was dubbed a "Colour Genius" with 23 mistakes. So I'm feeling pretty good about myself...although, it may help that I have 3 kiddos using crayola crayons right now...but don't tell anyone;)

Anyway, on to some LOs!! I didn't miss a beat when I was chosen to be on the CT for ScrapMatters. I quickly made 2 LOs for them, well, one is also for Erica Zane, who I CT for as well...but it counts just the same. So without further ado...

This one was created for the Speed Scrap that ScrapMatters holds every week or definitely have to check them out. You are given 6-7 instructions/rules over the course of an hour, then have an additional hour to create your LO and upload it to the gallery. I'm totally's SO much fun!!!

It's funny, because even though I grew up totally immersed in sports, and was hoping that my kids would be too. I never, in my wildest dreams, pictured myself as a "soccer mom." You know, driving all her kids around to their different practices and games in a minivan...but that is exactly what I've become...and to tell you the truth...I don't mind it a bit. In fact, I love it!!! I love watching my kids get out and play, and to see the joy on their face when they finally learn how to do a certain skill right. Anyway, enough's the LO. I totally love how it turned out!!


And here is the LO I created using Erica Zane's kit called Magical Escape. The whole kit is just perfect for your little princess' in your life...and I have two of them. I blended a couple papers together to get this one that perfectly matched Pumpkin's costume from Halloween last year. I can hardly believe that it's already been a year since this pic was taken!! Anyway, I had a lot of fun playing around with all the fun elements and sparkles.


I also created this beautiful Autumn LO with Amanda Kay's newest kit called Autumn Breeze. I absolutely adore this pic of Pumpkin...yup, that's her, alright...that was taken back in 2003. We had the chance to spend about a month up in my hometown during the Fall...and she was in love with all of the colours. The 4 seasons is definitely something that I miss...we don't get much of a fall or winter here in California. Anyway, I love her little squishy face here!!


Thanks for sticking around this long!!

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