Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabulous Collabs

Hey everyone...I know, I know...you can get up off the floor..it's really me popping in here before a month's end since my last post!! But I just had to pop in here and blog about some fabulous collaborations that I have had the amazing opportunity to work with before they were released to the public (man I love being on creative teams)!!

First off, let me show you a little sneaky peaky of Fei-fei's Stuff's collab with the one and only Liz from Paislee Press!!
Doesn't that just look amazing?! The colours are so me right now (I'm totally in love with greys and yellows), I just loved playing with this kit. And here is a LO I made with it...

You totally need to pick this one up!! Also, make sure you stop by Shaui's and Liz's blogs for a chance to win this beauty on Sept 17th!!

So, if that last collab wasn't enough...TaylorMade Designs also did a collaboration with Paislee Press!! And the result...was just a fabulous!!

Seriously...I have been in heaven these past 2 weeks working with these amazing collaborations with Paislee Press...have I mentioned that I TOTALLY LOVE Paislee Press?! Anyway, here is a LO I made with this beautiful kit

But not to worry...I have been hard at work with my ScrapMatters CT!! I'll just show you a couple of LO's I've done recently with the amazing kits found at ScrapMatters!!

I made this LO using Sahlin Studio's beautiful Blessed kit

Awwww...Aren't my little kiddos just amazingly sweet?! I love these pictures of them, they are all 1 day old here and wrapped up in their hospital blankets with the little knitted toques (for those of you who are unfortunate enough to not be from Canada...a toque is equivalent to a beanie) on their head.

Next I made this LO using Erica Zane's Underwater Escape

This is from our latest trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium...and yes, that is a Great White!! Isn't it totally amazing...and scary?! They recently acquired this little girl when she was accidently caught in Southern California. It isn't too often that a Great White is kept successfully in captivity, but the Monterey Bay Aquarium has this incredible knack for being able to do this and release them successfully as well. I was so excited, probably more so than the kiddos...but hopefully they will look back on this LO and remember that they were this close to a Great White and didn't get bitten!! ;)

So other than that...we've been caught up in the world of youth soccer!! And I would have posted some pics of my kiddos playing...but...my little Monkey was looking at my pics on my camera, and accidently deleted all of them. Now, I was upset...but actually, it didn't bother me too long. And for anyone who knows me at all....knows I love my pictures. But it really bothered Monkey...he was upstairs crying under his blanket. I went upstairs and told him it was alright, but he was convinced that he had erased all the pictures...including his baby pictures. Poor kiddo, thought that he had erased all the pictures that I had ever taken...bless his soul!! So anyway...I'll be back next week to post some pictures of this weekend's soccer games.

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Tanya Johnson said...

Hi Ting,

Beautiful LO's and I was surprised to see that you had posted. I've been bad lately too. Nothing posted for a very long time. So, what the heck is going on in your life? Miss you a ton.

love Tanya