Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day Recap

I can't believe that a week has flown by since Mother's Day!! Anyway, I just wanted to catch you up on what my litle family did for me. Mike and the kids "kidnapped" me on Saturday night and took me to the Hyatt in Monterey. We stayed overnight and then the next morning ate brunch there. Oh my goodness...can you say deliciousness?! Especially the dessert...I think that between Mike and I we tasted every single dessert...and they were all fantastic!!! Anyway, after stuffing ourselves at brunch, we hung around the pool. Well, the kiddos played in the pool and I lounged around. I got some fantastic pictures, the lighting in the room where we ate was fantastic. So without further ado...

Sweet Pea kept trying to sneek off and "acquire" one of these roses that were lying around...but she got scared every time one of the servers walked by.

Well, one of the servers finally gave her one. This is her running back to me, I just love this completely happy look on her face. I thought that she was going to give it to me...but I was dead wrong.

She wanted to enjoy if for herself...and that she did!!

I just love this picture of my two girls...they look like angels in their white dresses.

And you can't forget Monkey, who was just so happy to eat all that awesome food.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful, beautiful kids!!

Then, they go ahead and give me one of these!! Oh well, at least they keep me smiling! :)

My wonderful Mother's Day was all thanks to the planning of my man!!

Man, I LOVE my little clan!!

I hope everyone had as wonderful a day as I did. What did you get to do for mother's day?

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Tanya Johnson said...

Hey Sis, you and the family look so happy! I love the pictures of Payton and the rose. Sooooo beautiful! We spent Mother's Day at the Columbus Zoo. It was fabulous to hang out with my brats after being gone so long. I will post some pictures when I find some time. Can't wait to see you...Frank said something about wanting to head down your way for July 4th weekend again!!!!! I very calmly replied "YES!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!" We'll see...

Love you, say hi to everyone.